Salmon Creek Media & Marketing
— Social Media & Marketing Solutions for Businesses of All Kinds —

What do we offer?

From marketing and advertising materials to social media management, blast e-mails and e-newsletters to Web-site development , we provide a full array of products and services to position your company and products in front of your customers.

We can help you:

• Identify your customers
• Create marketing materials with impact 
• Build content and value in your Web site
• Develop & Implement a Social Media action plan
• Manage your e-mail & social media communications

Web Site Development:

  • Do you have a Web site?
  • Does it have a professional appearance?
  • Does it provide real and up-to-date content?
  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • And, does it stand out from all the rest?

We can help you design your Web site or Social Media pages to deliver content and value to your customers. And if you need your site hosted, we’re available for that as well.

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